• Auditory Brainstem Recordings


    How to test a toad's hearing.

  • What is an ABR?

    Auditory Brainstem Recordings, or ABRs, are used to test the hearing of animals, including humans. They record the electrical signal produced by the hearing nerve and auditory centers of the brain to test how well an animal can sense different sounds. 

    Collaborator - Dr. Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard

    The software and methodology displayed here were developed in the lab of Dr. Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard at Southern Denmark University. 


    This is an ABR set up in the field (a hostal room in Lima, Peru).

    This is a frog undergoing an ABR.

    Manipulations can be performed to test whether the hearing of an organism is affected. In this case - seeing how much hearing changes when the tympanum of a toad is covered with vaseline.


    Here are some real ABR results from testing the hearing of eared and earless toads!